Henkel Norden receives offshore certificates for three adhesive engineers

Just before summer, Henkel Norden sent three adhesive engineers to Aberdeen, Scotland. Krister Essvik, Stein Arnegard and Ståle Stronen were all motivated for five days of some extraordinary training. The result is some new extraordinary services to the Nordic market.

During the training at Maersk Training Center, the goal was to perform both in theoretical as well as practical skills. The training covered fire protection, fire extension, CPR, life rescue, mouth-to-mouth, lifeboat from platform, inflated lifeboats, breathing equipment, escape chute, risk management, personal safety, workplace hazards, as well as emergency escape from helicopter.

- “It was really an adventure and new experience for me. While we arrived to the pool area, I got some second thoughts before jumping in, says Krister Essvik, MRO specialist at Henkel Norden. We trained our performance in everything from life rescue to breathing equipment, workplace hazards and emergency escape from helicopter, continues Krister.

The Nordic team succeeded to get all certificates for both UK and Nordic waters.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies, the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, is now providing an innovative solution portfolio for the cost-effective repair of steel pipelines to the market. Bilfinger, a leading engineering and services group for the industrial, power, building and facility industry, is using the Henkel solutions to offer maintenance innovations in the oil and gas industry which lead to massive cost savings for customers operating for example one of the worldwide more than 11,000 petrochemical plants or 9,000 offshore platforms.

Three people are now ready and available to assist Bilfinger in the Nordic region. They can now assist with trainings and evaluations both on- and offshore. Henkel is now prepared for coming trainings within both core business like Loctite threadlocking and threadsealing as well as the Loctite polymer composites with pipe repair etc.